Looking for fun online workshops? For example a company trip with international colleagues, a family day or a bachelors party that cannot take place physically for whatever reason? Check our wide range of culinary or creative workshops and easily request a quote. Materials can also be ordered from us, so you can be ready for action in one go.

*Ideal for large groups!

No limit for group size. Fun for companies, staff associations and student groups!

Bulk price from € 32,50 p.p. ex vat

Online workshops (en)

Online workshop Andy Warhol (en)

Bulk price from € 35,00 p.p. ex vat

Online workshops (en)

Online workshop Happy Painting

Bulk price from € 27,50 p.p. ex vat
Bulk price from € 32,50 p.p. ex vat
Bulk price from € 32,50 p.p. ex vat
Bulk price from € 32,50 p.p. ex vat

Live online workshops

Have you planned a online workshop? So much fun! But does it work? The workshop will be hosted live by our team, so you don’t have to organize anything, just participate. You can also choose to order the necessary materials from us. For each workshop you can see exactly what you need. Don’t you have it at home? Then we can deliver it to each participants home for additional costs.

Why live workshops?

Just because we have to sit at home as much as possible doesn’t mean we have to wait to organize fun things. What did you think about family days and company outings? Let’s be creative and above all stay in touch with each other. Especially now that’s extra important!

But online workshops are not just a result when a pandemic is going on.
How about fun activities with people who are far apart? Family that can never attend a family day because they emigrated? All our workshops are also available in English. So now you can also organize a company outing for international teams!

Culinairy and creative workshops

Our online workshops are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a chef cook or Picasso in the making to have fun. Together we paint the most beautiful paintings inspired by Andy Warhol, Bob Ross, Theo Broeren and others. Or would you rather make Sushi or bonbon? Look at all our workshops and request a quote immediately!

Booking an online workshop

To book an online workshop you first have to request a quote. Because we provide specially made workshops you will always get a personal quote for your own chosen number of people and materials. Do you agree? Then we will schedule the workshop. Click above on the online workshop you’d like to book and request a quote.

Follow a physical workshop?

Besides our online workshops we also offer physical workshops. When the circumstances allow it, you will can follow the most fun culinary and creative workshops together with others in our Grachtenatelier in the heart of Utrecht.

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